Proposal No I
32,00 PLN/person
Chicken noodle soup
Pork roulade stuffed with sun-dried
Tomatoes with roasted potatoes
and green beans in bacon
Dessert Lady Panna Cotta
still mineral water

Proposal No. II
37,00 PLN/person
cream mushroom sauce with dumplings
grilled chicken breast with broccoli
and tagliatelle
dessert: vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries
still mineral water

Proposal No. III
37,00 PLN/person
Silesian sour soup with egg
roulade of beef, dumplings, cabbage modra
dessert: cheesecake
still mineral water

Proposal No IV
37,00 PLN/person
Cream of broccoli and puff pastry croutons
salmon and mushroom risotto and vegetables
the pan
Dessert: creme brulee with raspberry sorbet
still mineral water

Proposal No. VI buffet
69,00 PLN/person
cream of tomato soup with croutons
Pork roulade stuffed with mushrooms in dill sauce
escalope of chicken in sauce hunter
sole Parisian sauce – sweet and sour
baked potatoes
rice with vegetables
salad buffet (3 types of salads)
vegetables with steam
Lady Panna Cotta
selection of cakes (3 types)
still mineral water
coffe tea

*The prices are net.